Delegate Profile

Mr Aboubacar OUEDRAOGO
Responsible for studies and analyzes.
Ministry of Energy
Burkina Faso
Industry / Sector
Power & Energy
Personal Profile
Economist planner, Responsible for studies and analyzes, in charge of the formulation and monitoring and evaluation of projects in the energy sector.
Company Profile
The Renewable Energies Directorate is responsible for the design, development, coordination and application of the Ministry of Energy's policy in the field of Renewable Energies. In this capacity, she is responsible for: - promote renewable energies; - implement the Department's policy on the energy mix; - develop initiatives for the valorization and use of endogenous energy resources; - monitor and control energy infrastructure in the field of renewable energies; - develop and enforce legislation and regulations for the research, production, supply and distribution of renewable energy products in relation to the National Agency for Renewable Energy and Energy. energy efficiency and competent structures.