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General Manager
W :
Industry / Sector
Agriculture & Allied Services, Consultancy, Logistics, Power & Energy
Personal Profile
I am a self-made man who for 40 years has been working in entrepreneurship in the Mano River area (Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone). After creating several logistics companies, I decided in 2016 to create a company specializing in sustainable waste management. I am very invested in the Guinean business environment. In this context, I am vice-president of the National Council of Guinean Employers.
Company Profile
CEGEDI currently offers collection, transfer, sorting and storage services for all types of solid waste and used oil. CEGEDI also offers consulting services to companies to help them improve their sorting and storage systems. • CEGEDI is an innovative company, as it is the first company to be approved for this type of service and to have a private waste disposal site covering three hectares. • CEGEDI's management team has more than 20 years of experience in logistics, environmental management and business administration. The promoter and majority shareholder of CEGEDI has been involved in the world of logistics and entrepreneurship for 45 years in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. CEGEDI has 03 hectares of land in Mafe´rinayh. Sheds are under construction. Tanks are available for the storage of oils. Expertise is already in place. Contracts have been signed with large companies and CEGEDI is a subcontractor for GAC in the collection and transfer of waste