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Delegate Profile

Director General
Ministry of Industry of Algeria
W :
Industry / Sector
Agriculture & Allied Services, Information and Communication Technology, Manufacturing, Trade
Personal Profile
26 years of professional experience, including, 18 years old Senior Executive of the State (appointed by presidential decree) and 08 years Executive in an Economic Public Company. Title of a Master's degree in Economic Intelligence and Strategic Management and a Master of Political Science and International Relations. Curently a Director Genral in the Ministry of Industry in charge of Commercial Public Sector. - Mastery of the monitoring of State participations and the Management of the Public Merchant Sector; have a good knowledge of procedures in setting up and monitoring partnerships, management and implementation of strategic watch and economic intelligence systems. Also have a large experience in in the design, preparation and organization of national and international Forums and Colloquia. Good command of internal and external communication : communication on various topics: industry, monitoring and economic intelligence, partnership and investment. Several communications were provided at international and national level. The main assignment during 2020-2025 is to set up a strategy to developp the public entreprises by using the latest technology, privatization and their introduction into stock markets.
Company Profile
Ministry of Industry , in charge also of investment promotion, developpement of industry, public sector and competitiveness