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Agriculture & Allied Services, Information and Communication Technology, Logistics, Trade
Personal Profile
James Rajamani, the founder and CEO of Kingdom Exim Group of Companies was born in Tuticorin, Tamilnadu, India but has been resident in Ghana for close to two decades. An electrical engineer by profession, his passion for business borne out of a passionate desire to create jobs and reduce unemployment, led him into the establishment of Kingdom Exim Ghana Limited in 2008. From an employee count of two the company has grown into a group of 9 companies with over thousand employees. His unique and strong leadership abilities are evident in the rapid growth of his companies firmly established in a culture of sound financial planning, controls systems and governance practices. Through his strategic leadership, the company has received recognition via numerous awards received notable among them being the President's National awards for Exports Achievements, Ghana Business Awards, Ghana Innovation Awards, Ghana Shippers Award, Ghana Business Standard Award in Ghana and International Core Quality Award in Geneva, Inspiration Company Award in the USA among several others. His visionary leadership and passion has transformed the company from a company to a group of companies which are diverse in business sectors, such as Shipping and Logistics, Engineering & Construction, Agricultural, Technology and Innovation, Hospitality and Sports – covering 6 economic sectors. Mr. Rajamani’s passion to create jobs continues to be his motivation and His list companies include Kingdom Exim, Basileia Shipping, Big Stars Animal Feed, Kings Air Travel and Tours, Kingdom Technologies, Kings Engineering and Construction, King’s Food Court, Q and Q Weighing bridge and Q and Q Laboratory. His vision is to develop and provide leadership to a generation of entrepreneurs with the aim of creating opportunities to young people and creating jobs to reduce or eliminate poverty.
Company Profile
Kingdom Exim Group, from its inception in 2008 has grown to become a multinational company with many subsidiaries offering different services across multiple sectors such as Agriculture, Shipping and Logistics, Engineering and Construction, Hospitality, Travel and Tour, Quality and Quantity Services as well as Technology and Innovation. From an employee count of two the company has grown into a group of 9 with over thousand employees. We have strategically positioned our businesses in all scopes to meet the demands of customers all over the globe. Kingdom Exim Ghana Limited, the first company born out of the Group is a leading West African based quality focused Agro products exporter and supplier. Over the last decade, our outstanding service and delivery excellence has helped us in our current position in the Agricultural Sector and Trading Industry. Basileia Shipping and Logistics Ghana Ltd is a multiple service provider in the logistics and shipping Industry. Big Stars Animal Feed is a feed manufacturing company producing compounded poultry feed, sustainable quality, animal health and nutrition. Kings Engineering specializes in all aspects of construction such as public and private roads, reservoirs, artificial ponds and other civil and site grading works. Quality and Quantity Services uses the best tools available to execute their survey services to the utmost best. Kingdom Technologies is an IT Service partner that uses the latest technologies to help businesses digitize their operations. In our finest restaurant, Kings food Court and Meet & Eat, we serve the best quality and tasty continental, Indian and Ghanaian dishes. Travel with us around the globe with Kings Air Travel and Tours.