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Mr Marc Lionel Ngamani
Managing Director
BEE-Learning Vocational Training Center
W :
Industry / Sector
Education & Skill Development
Personal Profile
Marc Lionel Ngamani has over eight years of experience in Information Technology. Currently, Marc Lionel is an IT Specialist at CRENC, where he leads data management, Health Informatics research, and IT systems management. Marc Lionel holds an MCA from India and various industry certifications in Information Technology. After an experience in an industry where I was focusing on IT infrastructure, he develops a passion for education in particular for Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET). Marc Lionel is driven by knowledge sharing, education, and collaboration for Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development. Marc Lionel is committed to empowering the youth of his community and the underprivileged through technology innovation and education and therefore contributes to the fight against poverty. He is very fluent in English and French is my primary language.
Company Profile
Our project of creating a vocational training center called "BEE-Learning", wants to contribute to a national ambition that places employment and training at the center of reflection for the improvement of the economy and impact the young people's potential to create jobs and to better respond to current and future demand. We offer training in various ICT disciplines as well as education on the responsibility for the use of technologies, project management, and support to decentralized communities. Order No 372/MINEFOP/SG/DFOP/SDGSF/SACD