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Delegate Profile

Dr Roger Basinyize SAFARI
Adviser to the DR Congo Gouvernment and Deputy Cabinet Director to the State Council
DR Congo Gouvernment and its Institutions
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Industry / Sector
Agriculture & Allied Services, Education & Skill Development, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Information and Communication Technology, Infrastructure, Power & Energy, Other ( Skill and Capacity Development )
Personal Profile
Dr. Roger Safari is an expert in administration and management of entreprises, DR Congo. He has a career of 33+years in executive Government and private sector functions, he has been mayor of Goma. Currently Mr.Safari is the Senior Adviser in charge of International Cooperation in the Prime Minister Office and he is the Deputy Cabinet Director of the General Procuror to the State Council. Mr. Roger Safari as a passion to pass knowledge and its vast experience to the next generations, he is a Professor at the Kinshasa Business School (ISC).
Company Profile
The Republic Democratic of Congo (DRC) is a country located in Central Africa, it was known as Zaire from 1972-1997. It is by area the largest country in Sub saharan Africa (2 345 402 km2) and the 11th in the world. With more than 84 million people, it's the 4th most populated country of Africa. The capital city of DRC is Kinshasa.

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