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Council for Healthcare and Pharma Front
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Raghu Kochar is a seasoned professional having worked in senior positions across industries, including Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare. Prior to joining the Council For Healthcare & Pharma (CHPF), a not for profit, global think tank and advocacy group, he was the Executive Vice President, at Fortis Healthcare Ltd. Kochar oversees the vital communication role at CHPF, focusing on the building of vibrant healthcare systems by advocating sensible policy changes that further the cause of high quality, affordable healthcare. CHPF works across the healthcare continuum from Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Hospitals and adjunct areas and believes that countless synergies can be unleashed through collaboration and cross border partnerships and alliances. Headquartered in India, it advocates a thrust towards universal healthcare through the development of sustainable health systems in Africa, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, UK and USA
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The Council for Healthcare and Pharma (CHPF) is an integrated, not-for-profit, global think tank that advocates the development of sustainable healthcare systems around the world. CHPF engages with Governments and stakeholders to evolve innovative approaches that optimise the value chain and ecosystem involved in treating human disease and improving healthcare standards. Healthcare systems around the world have tended to develop in silos. The Health issues of countries too, are different from each other. Thus there is a crying need to look at fresh integrated approaches, with stakeholders working together to achieve the common millennium development goal of healthcare for all. As a significant and credible stakeholder in alleviating the burden of disease, the CHPF brings to bear the collective wisdom of policy makers and industry (Pharmaceutical companies, Providers of Diagnostics, Medical Device Manufacturers, Hospitals and adjunct services) on health issues that stand to make a difference to society. The CHPF has been set-up to create a global environment for sustainable development and growth of the Healthcare and Pharma industries through consistent steering of issues and advisory actions. CHPF’s prime focus will be on Africa, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, UK and USA. Its important areas of work will be in ease-of-doing business; increasing competitiveness; broadening access to safe, efficacious and affordable healthcare services and medicines. India has developed strengths in scientific endeavor. It is today a major contributor to the cause of healthcare globally as a low cost-high quality manufacturing base for bulk drugs, simple & complex pharmaceuticals and bio-similars. India has attained significant competency in research work, clinical trials and diagnostics. The Nation also has a number of well equipped, state of the art hospitals staffed by competent and internationally respected doctors (including surgeons), nurses and paramedic staff, who are amongst the best in the world. It is therefore strategic for the CHPF to establish a broad “Pharma & Healthcare Council”, in India, with a GLOBAL VOICE, REACH and PERSPECTIVE. The Council envisages building of a base for Innovation, Generics, Contract Manufacturing and value added healthcare services, while promoting the ‘Make in India’ advantage. The Council will have a global foot print and members from its focus geographies to advocate the merits of a strong and vibrant Global Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry. The Council’s aim will be to provide thought leadership on matters critical to healthcare. It will play a leading role in facilitating and encouraging partnerships where joint action is beneficial and required in shaping the research agenda with academia. The Council’s role will include but not be limited to stimulating the generation, translation and dissemination of valuable knowledge, technical support, and catalyzing necessary change while building sustainable institutional capacity. The main scope will be to address Industry issues with Government, forge partnerships, strike synergies and collaborate with other like-minded Institutions, Associations, Donors and NGOs working in the sector. It will organize seminars on relevant, contemporary issues and engage with the brightest minds to address such domains comprehensively.