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Mr Deepak Chaudhary
Admin Manager
Industry / Sector
Personal Profile
I am a businessman. I am Admin Manager in Evergreen Gabon a FSC Certified veneer manufacturing company based in Gabon, also I am Director General of CLASSIC VENEER COMPANY this is also a veneer manufacturing company based in Gabon. Now talking about my education so I have done Master of Business Administration in Global Business from Coventry University London. Also I have completed my Graduation in Mechanical engineering department. My hobbies are playing badminton ??,reading books and listening music.
Company Profile
Evergreen Gabon is a Face Veneer manufacturing company based in Gabon. It was established in 2016. Evergreen gabon was the 2nd veneer manufacturing company in GSEZ. now GSEZ have more than 20 veneer manufacturing companies inside Zone. evergreen gabon is a FSC Certified company. Evergreen Gabon is a well managed company. Mr Vijay Kumar Singh is the director general as well as founder of the company. we are working in European and Asian market.