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Delegate Profile

Mr Enock Boadu Amo
Deputy Director, Research, Statistics and Information Management (Projects)
Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development
Industry / Sector
Agriculture & Allied Services
Personal Profile
Mr. Enock Boadu Amo, Deputy Director, Research, Statistics and Information Management, holds a Master of Economic Policy Management and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Ghana. He is also a chartered Member of the Institute of Economists, Ghana. Mr. Amo, has seventeen years’ experience in middle and senior level management in Ghana’s Public Sector, Corporate Governance, Public and Church Administration, Policy Formulation and Analysis, Management of Adult Literacy Programme, Chieftaincy Administration, Management of Culture and Creative Arts Industry, Natural Resources Management (Land Administration, Forestry, Mining, Fisheries and Aquaculture) as well as Project and Facility Management. After his National Service and internship at the Non-Formal Education Division of the Ministry of Education from 2005 to 2008, he gained appointment into the Ghana Civil Service in 2008 as an Assistant Director IIB. Mr. Amo had previously worked at the Ga Traditional Council, Ministry of Chieftaincy and Culture, Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources before his posting to the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development in May 2014. The Deputy Director has worked at as Head of Secretariat for Chief Director, Assistant Director at the Finance and Administration and before being appointed to act as the Head of the then newly created Research, Statistics and information Management Directorate, a post he occupied till a substantive Director was posted by the Office of the Civil Service. His dedication, hardwork and diligence enabled him to handle many assignments excellently. He has been a member of the team that prepared both the 2018-2021 and 2022-2025 Sector Medium Term Plan, a Member of Sector Budget Preparation Technical Team, Focal Point for Multilateral and Bilateral cooperation as well as Cabinet Focal Person for the Ministry. The Deputy Director, has been part of the team that supervised the Projects of the Ministry and has risen through the ranks to head project coordination in the Ministry. Projects that he has played key roles in their execution include the Feasibility Studies on the construction of the twelve (12) fishing landing sites and harbours, the Anomabo Fisheries College, Elmina Fish Processing Plant and the National Aquaculture Centre and Commercial Project.
Company Profile
The Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development is one the Government Ministries in Ghana. It was established in January 20213. The Ministry provides leadership and has oversight responsibility in the management of the Fisheries Sector. It has a core mandate of formulating and implementing sector policies and strategies aimed at transforming the fisheries and aquaculture sector to contribute more effectively to national development through science, technology, innovation and institutional capacity. The Ministry has two (2) implementing agencies, namely; the Fisheries Commission (FC) and the National Premix Fuel Secretariat (NPFS) The Fisheries Commission is the key implementing agency of the Ministry established under the Fisheries Act, 2002 (Act 625) with a Board and Secretariat headed by an Executive Director. The Fisheries Commission regulates and mages the utilization of fishery and aquaculture resources through effective policy implementation. It advises the Minister on matters pertaining to ensuring the sustainable exploitation of the fisheries resources. The Commission has offices in all the sixteen (16) administrative regions of Ghana. The National Premix Fuel Secretariat (NPFS) was established by the National Premix Fuel Committee Regulations, 2016 (L.I 2233). The NPFS serves as the Secretariat to the National Premix Fuel Committee established to facilitate the procurement and distribution of premix fuel. The Secretariat is headed by an Administrator. The following are the vision, mission and goal of the sector Ministry: Vision: To promote accelerated fisheries and aquaculture development to contribute to national development. Mission: To transform the fisheries and aquaculture sector and industry into a viable economic segment and provide support services to promote sector investment. Goal: Increase domestic fish production to offset import of fish and fishery products, and develop and/or transform the fisheries and aquaculture sector into a viable economic segment to contribute to national development.