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Delegate Profile

Mr Emil Mahendra Kumar
Managing Director
Limje Industrial Limited
Great Britain
W :
Industry / Sector
Agriculture & Allied Services, Consultancy, Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, Trade
Personal Profile
Group Managing Director of company with cross border operations specifically providing engineering services, trade finance and procurement and in the UK diversification into the health care sector of nursing and residential care. Experience backed up by membership of British accountancy institutions and an MBA. Involved in various philanthropic activities covering adult mental health, special needs children, schools and interfaith dialogue.
Company Profile
Campotec is part of the Limje Group of companies involved in a joint venture with local participation in the Angolan capital and the provinces. The group also has affiliate presence elsewhere in Africa, UAE, the Asian Sub-continent, and in the UK. The company is supported by internationally recognised manufacturers in the agricultural, transport and construction fields thus guaranteeing quality service. The company has a constantly expanding infrastructure that covers showrooms, workshops, mobile workshops and training facilities. The company focuses on the core competency in the field of rehabilitation and customer care, extensive warranties and assembly, backed up by finance where appropriate. The Limje Group is aspiring to expand with attractive investment incentives and inviting collaborations to increase production in Priority Sectors by offering our competencies with framework for education and training to upgrade rural and urban economies.