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Delegate Profile

Mr Michael Moussa ADAMO
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Industry / Sector
Other ( Foreign Affairs )
Personal Profile
Mr Michael Moussa-Adamo, Gabonese Foreign Minister is a leader in Gabon participating in high-level discussions surrounding headline topics in global affairs and working with the President of Gabon, His Excellency Ali Bongo Ondimba to ensure that Gabon had a seat on the United Nations Security Council. His dedication to public service is evident following a two-decade career, including five years as a Congressman (Deputy) in the Gabonese National Assembly Parliament, where he served as Spokesman for the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense. He has also served as Special Advisor to the President of Gabon; Chief of Staff to the Minister of National Defense; Diplomatic Counselor in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Head of the Department of Tourism, Arts, Culture, and Sports; and, Chief of the Communication and Information Technology Department in the Office of the President. Over the course of 10 years, M Michael MOUSSA-ADAMO has lived and worked throughout the United States. In 1989, he completed his Master’s Degree in International Relations and Communications at Boston University and a Bachelors of Arts Degree. In addition to Boston, Massachusetts, he has lived in Phoenix, Arizona, and currently resides in Washington, D.C. He has dedicated a significant amount of time to his professional work with the World Wildlife Fund at its Washington, DC headquarters. At Boston University, he was a Teaching Assistant in the African Studies Center and a Research Assistant studying the economies of the Pacific Rim countries at the Center for International Relations and Communication. His Excellency Michael Moussa-Adamo is married and the father of six children, including three attending colleges in the United States. He is an avid reader and academic, maintaining a personal library of books on foreign affairs and cultures around the world.
Company Profile
The attributions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are currently defined by decree 652 of May 21, 2003, which gave the Department powers in the fields of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation, Francophonie and the Law of the Sea. ,refugees and drug addiction are also part of the Ministry's field of competence Under the authority of the President of the Republic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and La Francophonie is responsible for designing and implementing the ,foreign policy of the Government as well as the coordination and conduct of the external action of the State in the fields of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation, Consular Affairs, Francophonie, Law of the Sea, Refugees ,. ,As such, he alone is empowered: to establish powers, to represent the Gabonese Republic and to correspond directly with foreign Powers or their representatives in Gabon as well as with International Organizations; ,to prepare the summits of Heads of State and Government, ministerial conferences and the Permanent Council of La Francophonie; ,to initiate the procedure for the ratification and publication of the international instruments to which the Gabonese Republic is a party. ,It is the depositary of international treaties and agreements for the Gabonese Republic. ,In terms of foreign affairs, the missions of the Ministry are especially: Proposals to the President of the Republic and to the Government on the orientations of foreign policy; ,The information of the President of the Republic and the Government on the evolution of the international situation and the situation of foreign States, by means of correspondence of a political, economic, cultural or cooperation nature sent to Libreville by the diplomatic representatives of the ,Gabon (embassies or consulates); ,The conduct and harmonization of external relations; ,Contacts and negotiations with the exterior, carried out under the auspices of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, both bilaterally and multilaterally. ,In terms of international cooperation, the Ministry deals with all issues relating to the preparation, implementation and coordination of the multisectoral, bilateral and multilateral cooperation policy for the Gabonese Republic in favor of development, in particular actions aimed at ,to encourage foreign investment in the Gabonese Republic and promote investment by Gabonese abroad. ,In terms of Francophonie, the Ministry is responsible for all matters relating to the preparation and implementation of government policy aimed at promoting and ensuring the coordination of all actions under the International Organization of La Francophonie at the ,national and international, in particular: of all contributions of the Gabonese Republic to the functioning mechanisms of La Francophonie; ,of all cations aimed at the political and cultural influence of La Francophonie. ,In terms of consular affairs, the Ministry is responsible for designing and implementing the Government's consular policy, in particular all questions of cooperation in the area of ??judicial and administrative assistance,