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Foreign Affairs Secretary, Chief of Service of Far East
Ministry of External Relations
W :
Industry / Sector
Trade, Other ( diplomacy, cooperation )
Personal Profile
I am a diplomat at service in the Ministry of External Relations of the Republic of Cameroon. Currently I am the Service Head for East Countries in the Department of Asian Affairs and Relations with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. I have previously served as a Senior Officer in the Department of Cameroonians abroad, Foreigners in Cameroon and Refugee issues before my appointment in November 2017. I hold a Masters Degree in International Relations from the International Relations Institute of Cameroon where I was trained as a diplomat. I also hold a Masters Degree in International Human Rights Law and Humanitarian Action, Maitrise in Public Law and a Bachelors Degree in Law. I have a professional experience of about 10 years in diplomacy and international relations.
Company Profile
the Ministry of External Relations is in charge of implementing the foreign policy of Cameroon at the bilateral as well as the multilateral levels through representations in foreign countries. It also takes charge of negotiations in all domains at international meetings. The Ministry is interested in creating partnerships with states organizations, create public and private partnerships, seek funding for development projects and anything cooperation at all levels.