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Information and Communication Technology
Personal Profile
William Osei is the Protocol Officer of the Honorable Minister for Information Ghana. He has been arranging and handling all travels in relation to the Honourable Minister and his entourage.
Company Profile
The Ministry of Information (MOI), is the official public relations outfit of government. It is the organ responsible for the dissemination of public policies and social interventions by the government of Ghana. The goal of the Ministry, is to empower the citizens of Ghana through information dissemination to ensure transparency and accountability in public policy cycles. MOI exists to ensure citizens take ownership of programmes, policies and activities necessary for social and economic transformation of the country by building a two –way communication channel between the people and government. The MOI, therefore, can be relied upon for the free flow of timely, accurate and reliable information and feedback between the government and its various publics and to assist in the development, coordination and implementation of policies.