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Delegate Profile

Burkina Faso
W : www.laopan-group.com
Industry / Sector
Agriculture & Allied Services, Infrastructure, Logistics, Manufacturing, Mining, Power & Energy, Trade
Personal Profile
Evans L. Paré is a business-minded entrepreneur, and as such has modernized his business to adapt to market and business developments. This situation led her to train with renowned partners and led her to carry out several missions in Burkina, Africa and elsewhere in the world, to take the pulse of advanced technology and business. Mr. Paré enjoys a relational capital endowed with great knowledge appropriate in the field of business which allows him to be in tune with professional solicitations which can benefit his partners and allow them to save time and resources. From 1998 -2006: Various training courses and internships in qualified national and international companies in the fields of mining, construction, public works, civil engineering, and the supply chain, thanks to his character as a fighter and a perceptive man loving a job well done and success through hard work, is resolutely committed to entrepreneurship. His sense of honor and excellence allowed him to be quickly adopted in the middle of the upper echelons of business, where he was able to acquire experience and high-potential markets.
Company Profile
ABOUT US. LAOPAN Group IS A COMPANY which POSSESSES ONE OF THE MOST DYNAMC WORKING TEAM THAT HAS BUILT ITS TECHNICAL CAPACITIES WITH SOME OF THE MOST SKILLFUL AND EXCELLENT COMPANIES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD Our three best Fields of interest are as follows: Logistics and International Forwarding….. Transport & transit of ressources ; (clinker, gypse, calcaire, manganèse, minerals, agrégates, gas, bitumen, hydrocarbon…..) and all kinds of goods througout the world. Mining Industry….. Supply through direct rent or direct sales of cars, industrial trucks and heavy vehicles ,sea refrigerated or simple containers that can be transformed into offices,store houses,housing and other components. Energy,telecom and industrial technical equipments. Mining drills.Technical equipment and other goods and services involving industry and mining. Housing and Civil engineering…. Bulding of houses,achievement of water drills,of roads and all kinds of civil engineering, of water dams, Achievement of houses and buildings as well as of water drills. Roads. Bridge and tunnel structures and of art works. Dams. Drinking water structures (AEP). Metal works. An interaction Platform enables us to provide you with highly qualified set of services in your great expectations. We are determined to provide you with a personalized request service or order according your requirement and in this regard, we wish to meet you personally in this regard in order to make a thorough diagnosis of your needs.