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Delegate Profile

Mr Mahmoud Saeed Akl
Senior Economic Researcher
Ministry of International Cooperation
Industry / Sector
Consultancy, Infrastructure, Trade, Other ( International Cooperation )
Personal Profile
I'm enthusiastic as an Economic Researcher in the Ministry of International Cooperation with ten years of experience in development and international cooperation a master's holder in International Studies major in International Cooperation from Seoul National University, South Korea. I am responsible for Negotiate with the Asian partner as well as the various Egyptian authorities to choose the most appropriate development projects that are compatible with the priorities of the Egyptian government, - Review international agreements and follow-up internal procedures before and after signing. - Follow-up of projects executed with the Japanese partner (grants and loans). - Attend specialized meetings and workshops. - Attend coordination meetings that are held periodically with the Asian Embassies to review the cooperation portfolio between the two sides. - Preparation of Projects files prior to high-level visits (Presidential / Ministerial), the file includes (the development of relations between the two countries, the current and future cooperation position, and the agreements to be signed during the visit). - Attendance during the Asian missions and review of records of their work before signing as assigned by - the international cooperation Ministry. - Participation in official discussions of international agreements at the Egyptian Finally, My main target is to develop the cooperation Portfolio between Egypt and India, especially in the ODA scheme, Attending the CII will give me a close insight into India's development and technology in the fields of trade, investments, exchange of knowledge, and expertise creating shared value for business and industry at large between India and Africa Also, CII will sot a base for future cooperation with India and develop a strategy , benefit from the Indian experience in these fields.
Company Profile
The Ministry of International Cooperation is the ministry in charge of economic cooperation and development between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Arab States, foreign countries, and international and regional organizations. It also aids in economic and social development within Egypt. Its headquarters are located in Cairo. Ministry mission “Preliminary Actions” The development project to be financed from abroad by the beneficiary shall be included in the five-year plan for economic and social development, and a priority and code number shall be assigned to it. Criteria for obtaining financing from development bank partners The Ministry of International Cooperation studies the project’s financing request and ensures that it is included in the five-year plan and examines and studies the feasibility attached to it that confirms its feasibility, its return and the extent of its contribution to the general development of the state, taking into consideration the equitable distribution of the financial capabilities available to the various economic and social development sectors as well as the equitable distribution over the governorates of the Republic to ensure the use of financing In a way that achieves the greatest benefit for Egypt. The Ministry shall take into account, as far as possible, obtaining non-refundable grants when contributing to the financing of a non-profit project. The loan must include a grant element of at least 40%. Borrowing shall be in accordance with the permissible borrowing ceiling, which is that the amount of borrowing annually does not exceed the burdens that are repaid in the same year so that the borrowing is within the safe limits. The terms should be simplistic to the maximum degree in terms of grace and repayment periods, the interest rate, as well as the financing package. Borrowing is carried out within the narrowest limits and with the easiest conditions for the inevitable service projects related to the basic services of citizens such as drinking water, sanitation, education and health. The necessity of obtaining the approval of the former President of the Republic on the principle of borrowing, before commencing the negotiation procedures. Negotiating with the financing agency The development partner studies the project from the technical and financial side, by sending a mission to Egypt to discuss the project details with the beneficiary. After reaching the best and easiest conditions for financing the project with the development partner, the text of the agreement is initially signed by both parties (signing in initial letters). The draft of that agreement shall be presented in Arabic, English, and any other foreign language to the “National Committee for the Review of International Agreements and Loans” at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which includes representatives from all relevant state agencies - including the Ministry of International Cooperation and the beneficiary body for approving the texts of the agreement from the legal and technical aspects The committee issues a report with its recommendations to the Ministry of International Cooperation, whether by approval or renegotiation.