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Mr Mohato Seleke
Lesotho National Development Corporation
W :
Industry / Sector
Agriculture & Allied Services, Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Trade
Personal Profile
Mr Mohato Seleke has 13 years experience in the private sector as a consultant and entrepreneur. He has undertaken numerous consulting assignments for both local and international organizations on technology integration, commercial agriculture, international trade, regional integration, and corporate finance advisory services. Mr Seleke graduated with a BSc (Mathematics and Statistics) from the National University of Lesotho. He later enrolled with the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries for various foundation level courses. He also holds a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) with the University of the Free State. Mr Seleke completed advanced training in Operations Management and Logistics with the same university. His passion is on technology, mathematical modelling, strategy and corporate finance. Mr Seleke took on the role of the LNDC Chief Executive Officer on the 4th December 2017. Within three months of his appointment, he launched the Corporation’s new 5-year strategic plan 2018-2023, which has radically changed the Corporation’s trajectory about driving investment for the Country. Under his leadership thus far the Corporation has managed to secure deals worth M5,950 Billion in both the Agricultural and Agro-processing sector as well as in the automotive manufacturing sector. These investments will contribute 4500 jobs respectively to the National Development Strategic Plan’s target of attaining 10 000 jobs for Basotho annually. Mr Seleke also oversaw the beginning of the construction of the Belo industrial estate in Butha Buthe. The objective of the project is to contribute towards the economic development of the Kingdom of Lesotho through the provision of industrial space to potential investors. Both international and regional investors are targeted to open their investment ventures in Lesotho. The project development is estimated to bring about 3,000 jobs during construction of the estate and an estimated 14,250 permanent jobs when all 16 factory shells are completed and occupied. Once operational, the estate is expected to create a spillover economy for the local business sector in Butha Buthe, as the permanent employment will require services, products, housing and transportation.
Company Profile
The Kingdom of Lesotho is a constitutional monarchy found at the southern tip of Africa. It is a mountainous territory and the only country in the world which has all its land lying above 1,500m above sea level. Lesotho boasts a lucrative investment and trade value proposition anchored on a robust investment and trade policy. This trade and investment agenda is led by the Lesotho National Development Corporation (LNDC), established by an Act of parliament with a mandate to initiate, facilitate, and promote investment and trade in a manner calculated to create employment and economic growth. LNDC also provides development finance for strategic agriculture and manufacturing projects. LNDC further develops industry support infrastructure such as industrial parks and special economic zones (SEZs). LNDC is at the service of investors to obtain all necessary licenses and permits, register for tax, acquire land and aid local investors' participation into projects. LNDC is looking for investors in: 1. Agriculture: a. Large poultry producers and processors with distribution in UAE, Europe and Asia b. Large pork producers and processors with distribution in UAE, Europe and Asia c. We have a deciduous fruits project (Apples, peaches and apricots) that we are looking for investment partners for – we are also looking for distribution channels for fruits into the UAE. 2. Aquaculture: a. We have large scale Pure Salmon project that we are looking for investors for; 20 000 tonnes production capacity per annum using clean, high altitude Lesotho water. This is the project we have registered for the awards. 3. Manufacturing: a. We are looking for automotive components manufacturing companies that may be willing to set up manufacturing/assembly firms in Lesotho to integrate with global value chains but more especially to supply the South Africa auto industry OEMs and Lesotho after-sales market.

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