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Delegate Profile

Mr Perfect Hlongwane
Duduza Investment Drive
Industry / Sector
Agriculture & Allied Services, Logistics, Power & Energy
Personal Profile
Perfect Hlongwane is a founder and director of Duduza Investment Drive, an entity that pushes for investment in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa. He has vast media experience spanning 15 years. Hlongwane also founded BeFirst, a non-governmental organisation to uplift the lives of the rural folk. He is also involved in sports marketing with Mvela Sports Marketing which he also founded.
Company Profile
Duduza Investment Drive was formulated in 2019. It was crafted around passion, confidence and drive to thrive. Amidst seemingly challenging economic environment, the Directors looked at general impediments and managed to force a positive vision. The main character of the organization is courage and the main drive being tenacity and resilience. The organisation’s main aim is to offer pragmatic solutions to business activity whilst very cognisant of the overall commercial value and sense. Duduza Investment Drive (Pvt) Ltd is more of a visionary set up where a futuristic positive projection is a natural sixth sense. We believe in creating the future we want by carefully designing any of our current operations. Our attitude makes us see ubiquity in opportunities within general complexities. We want to be a value adding business and socially responsible corporate citizen.

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