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Delegate Profile

Ms Idia Masehlomeng Penane
Chief Executive Officer
Basotho Enterprise Development Corporation
Industry / Sector
Other ( SOE )
Personal Profile
Ms Idia Penane, a mother of three has over ten years’ executive leadership experience. Her career kicked off as an Information Technology professional and expanded to strategy in the past four years. She has a degree in Management Information Systems and a Masters in International Business Management obtained from the United Stated International University - Kenya. She has experience Strategic Management in Business Process Management, Program Management, and Technology Management. She possesses comprehensive knowledge in introducing change projects, building teams and has a strong business acumen. She has worked for the Lesotho Revenue Authority for 15 years where she championed the transformation of the organisation from a tax centric organisation to a taxpayer centric one through business process organisation and tax and customs reform initiatives. She has played a pivotal role in the tax policy and target setting relationship with the Ministry of Finance in Lesotho. She is currently employed as Chief Executive at the Basotho Enterprise Corporation. She is also a short term experts for the IMF on strategy and technology. She is a strong proponent of the “take care of your people so that they can take care of your clients in order to maximise revenue” philosophy. She has a passion in leadership development, especially in developing and mentoring young leaders.
Company Profile
BEDCO was established by the Government of Lesotho to grow domestic entrepreneurs, following a realisation that a weak private sector is a major setback to job creation. The Government then was driven by the quest for private sector development to ensure that Lesotho’s job creation and the resultant economic development is driven mainly by a strong private sector. This is a trend everywhere else as the realisation of the private sector is fast gaining momentum. This has resulted in creation of independent ministries of small business development Intent is to ensure that the private sector, particularly the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) get their deserved recognition in as far as policies, laws and also budgets are concerned.

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