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Mrs Itumeleng Mamanamolela Morokole
Senior Economic Planner
Ministry of Development Planning, Lesotho
W :
Industry / Sector
Other ( Economic Planning )
Personal Profile
As the coordinator of external assistance, it is my responsibility to mobilise and manage external assistance for the implementation of various projects and programs within and outside Government. In order to fulfil this, i am a hard-working, motivated and enthusiastic individual and always strive to achieve the best results at any given task and in any situation. I try to the best of my ability so always seek new sources of funding to help achieve some of the country's goals. I am skilled in dealing with problems in a resourceful manner and negotiating to achieve beneficial agreement. I am a good team player but also self-driven therefore able to achieve set goals when working as an individual. Having previously worked in the Debt Management Department within the Ministry of Finance whereby my duty was to ensure that the Government's financing needs and its payment obligations were met at the lowest possible cost over the medium to long run yet consistent with a prudent degree of risk, i have a broad understanding of how to deal with Development Partners on both loans and grants/ assistance. I have worked with a vast number of Development Partners of different categories being Multilateral, Bilateral, Export Credits and Commercial Banks. In working with such, i have also been trained to know what types of loans are favourable for the country to avoid being in debt distress, how to go about maintaining debt sustainability and how to go about getting debt relief in the case that it may be needed. I have gained an immense amount of confidence while working with the international community while perfecting the basic communication skills.
Company Profile
The Ministry of Development Planning (MDP) was first established in 1990 with the mandate to formulate the national development policies, plans and programmes; and to coordinate, mobilize and manage Government resources. The country continued the use of medium-term planning as the key instrument for coordination of development activities until in the year 2000 when it took a policy decision to formulate Lesotho Vision 2020. This provided a long-term perspective within which short to medium-term plans such as Poverty Reduction Strategy (2004/05-2006/07) and National Strategic Development Plan (2012-2017) could be formulated. By virtue of MDP being the custodian for all the developmental plans, MDP also has a key responsibility to guide, monitor and evaluate implementation of all these plans. The Ministry of Development Planning (MDP) is mandated to lead and coordinate all matters pertaining to the national planning and implementation. However, like any other ministry of the Government of Lesotho, MDP is also expected to have a clear direction on how to achieve the national needs, initiatives and priorities as prescribed in the National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP). The strategic plan is the plan that clarifies overall purpose and desired results of an organisation; and how those results will be achieved (MacNamara 2010). This, therefore necessitates leadership to put everyone in an organisation on board to ensure thorough understanding of what needs to be achieved and how. That is from the foundation stage up to the implementation stage in order to promote effective communication, participation and ownership. The Department of Aid Coordination (DAC) is responsible for development and management of Partnership Policy, resources mobilisation (grants), negotiations of development and technical assistance; and development and management of Technical Cooperation Agreements. Functions: • Develop appropriate Institutional Frameworks and policies to operationalise aid and development effectiveness principles and Agendas. • Identify and implement measures that improve resource mobilisation. • Build absorptive capacity for donor funds. Moreover, a development aid consultative mechanism between the government of Lesotho and its development partners (Aid Coordination Forum) was launched in 2015. And the Aid flow reports have been released annually since 2013. In order to ensure alignment between capital projects and developmental plans, the Public Sector Investment Committee (PSIC) was revived in 2012/2013 and the Public Sector Investment Database (PSID) was developed.

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