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Delegate Profile

Mr Nabe Ismael Sidiki
Managing Director
Seitra bois BTP/ Construction Industry de Guinee( CIG)
W :
Industry / Sector
Agriculture & Allied Services, Education & Skill Development, Financial Services, Information and Communication Technology, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Mining, Power & Energy, Trade
Personal Profile
Ismail Nabe worka closely with the Malaysian government on strengthening relations with Africa. He is the CEO of Seitrabois BTP & Construction Industry de Guinee ( CIG) . . Nabe has extensive experience in dealing with markets in Africa. He has extensive links to leaders on Africa. Ismael focuses on IT, e-commerce, capital markets and government relations in Africa and East Asia. He is the Vice President/ Co founder of MAPE (Malaysia Africa Professional and Entrepreneurs) , Nabe is advisory Board Member of Pereira International. He is the World Start up festival Ambassador for Africa. He holds a graduate degrees from the International Islamic University in Malaysia and University of Malaya.
Company Profile
SEITRA BOIS BTP-SARL is a company which has the name "COMPANY OF INDUSTRIAL OPERATION, WOOD PROCESSING, BUILDING AND PUBLIC WORKS - SARL" .SETRABOIS is a private company founded on January 04, 2018 in conakry and governed by l, 'uniform act ,relating to the rights of commercial companies and of economic interest grouping of April 7, 1997, adopted within the framework of the OHADA treaty, and under subsequent or additional text as well as by these statutes. ,for the elimination of critical points from the Kissidougou earth road (PK60) Gueckedou contract No 0139 / EPC / DNER / 2010 • Endorsement tNo 1 Work to eliminate critical points from the Kissidougou - Gueckedou earth road 25km remaining contract No 0151 / ,EPC / DNER / 2011 • 25 / 5ml bridge reconstruction works on the Banie watercourse contract No 0045 / OVF / DNER / 2010 • Endorsement No2 Removal of critical points from the earth road Kiss ,idougou - Guechedou 25km remaining contract No 0151 / EPC / DNER / 2011 The year 2012 • Construction of a combined embankment with mechanized underbody and bundle of elevation PK0 to PK2 280 in the B1 nplaine block of Torobade contract No 2010/00050/1 ,/ 2/1/2 / BO lot13 / 10 • Rehabilitation of the 7.5 km access track to block B1 plain of Torobade contract No 2010/000/1/2/1 / BO lot13 / 10 • Amendment No 1 ,, No 0037/2/2/1 / BO • Endorsement No 1, No 00036/2/2/1/2 / BO • Logistics service, transport of minerals and road maintenance (RUTILE Rep. ,Sierra Leone) The year 2013 • Rehabilitation works on the Cissela RN1 - Nono road • Routine maintenance work on the earth road Toumaniya bridge - Faranah • Logistic service, ore transport and road maintenance (LUNSAR Rep. Sierra Leone) ,The year 2014 • Construction of the bridge (3 * 6 ml * 3.5m on the Yomandou - Firawa axis) • Heavy maintenance of the Sotoya - Nono Fadoussaba road (awarded non-finance) • Road maintenance (subcontracting) ,• Construction works for the offices of the rural commune of Douako • Construction works for the headquarters of the sub-prefecture office • Logistics service, transport of minerals and road maintenance (LUNSAR Rep. Sierra Leone) The year 2015 • Extension works ,central market djoliba Siguiri

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