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Delegate Profile

Mr Emeka Ugoeche
Relevant Global Merchant Nig. Ltd
W :
Industry / Sector
Agriculture & Allied Services, Consultancy, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Trade, Other ( State Government contract projects )
Personal Profile
An agribusiness expert registered in Nigeria for the purpose of farming, food processing and consultancy Being equipped with a lot of entrepreneurial skills to put to good use for the future development of the company.
Company Profile
Relevant Global Company has been in business, partnering and producing high quality Agricultural products and services in Nigeria for quite some years. We are staffed with Agribusiness managers, and experienced Horticultural and organic supervisors, and field workers. Our team works efficiently and responds quickly to changing weather patterns and conditions in the field. We comply with all business and agricultural regulations and requirements including, but not limited to, the Department of Industrial Labor (FLC), the Department of Pesticide Regulation (PCA and QAL), and worker’s compensation insurance. We currently farm for clients both sustainably and organically. With a short chain of command, we have the ability to execute cultural practices in a timely manner. Relevant Global Farming Company provides our employees with ongoing training in current farming practices, safety, and a variety of out-reach programs. We are open to partner with reputable Indian companies in the Area of developing Hydroponic and Aquaponic agro system in Nigeria sector.

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