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Delegate Profile

Ms Solange Kahyndo KITAMBALA
Managing Director (MD) , Director (D) , and Shareholder (S)
Siloe International ( MD&S) , Cafekit (D), Complexe Theicole de Butuhe (S), Compagnie des Boissons du Kivu (S).
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Industry / Sector
Agriculture & Allied Services, Education & Skill Development, Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Power & Energy
Personal Profile
Ms. Solange Kahyndo Kitambala, Entrepreneur and Mentor, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Promoter of Project PAIE When in Congo, Ms. Kitambala co-manages the family-owned business activities consisting of +/- 5000ha of tea and coffee plantations and leads the rehabilitation of its soft drinks factory. She works since 10+years with increasing responsabilities and in senior management positions in the consortium group that will implement the PAIE project. She served and is a Director in all the companies. Ms. Kahyndo Kitambala frequently led ground in visionary operations for the future endeavour of the business, most notably by choosing to dedicate the Estates to Organic farming and focus on the markets of specialty teas and coffees. Ms.Kitambala was trained for five years in Kenya by tea brokers and warehouse owners' members of the East Africa Tea Trade Association, the second tea auction in the world. Prior to joining the family Group, she worked for the Multi sectors Program to reduce poverty in DR Congo, she penned the document as a tea expert for the World Bank studies. In Kinshasa, she has established herself as a business development entrepreneur, mainly in connection with various Chambers of Commerce, and more so as an activist and mentor. She lends her voice, experience and good English skills to assist workers' associations and groups overcoming conflicts with their current or former company&business owners. In all her activities, she shows strong determination, enthusiasm and an incredible sense for a problem solving approach. without being trained herself in law, she has extensively worked on legal issues and with lawyers, when negotiating settelments and dealing with Government officials. Starting 2011, she noticed the shift to Asia in the world economy and decided to pioneer the DRC Stock and Commodities Exchange for which she received formal approval in 2012 by the DRC institutions. In February 2019, Ms.Kitamabala unwavering focus to alleviate poverty in creating jobs and diversify the Group activities received approval of the DRC Government for ILOC opening by Exim Bank of India, crowning her determination and undisputed entrepreneur spirit.
Company Profile
SECTOR: CAPITAL INVESTMENT & FINANCE SILOE INTERNATIONAL: The DR Congo is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. There is a felt transformational process underway with the potential to generate capita income levels in DRC similar to those in Asia. This lead to the creation of SILOE INTERNATIONAL. SILOE is engaged in the creating, establishing and the organisational management system of a future DRC stock and commodities exchange Market. Our ecosystem shall address on the long term the upstream and downstream opportunities around its exchange in the realms of depository, information vending, payment gateway, clearing among others. The exchange is adapted to the power of purchase of the Congolese people, and its mode of payment is NOT restricted to ready money. SECTOR: AGRO-INDUSTRIES BUTUHE TEA ESTATE: is a former state company established on an agricultural complex of +/- 4000ha. In 1998, the new ownership decided its production will be dedicated to Organic tea farming and processing. The Estates chose to expand its production beyond CTC tea to orthodox, purple, green, white and other speciality teas. The renovation of Butuhe Estates "CTB" is to ensure, in the context of sustainable development its optimised potential of tea production. We currently use Indian tea machinery. CAFEKIT: produces and process Organic Arabica coffee on +/- 1000ha. 1st Stage: the beginning of CAFEKIT activities in its Ltd form, the company expands its activities with the establishment of Coffee Estates in the Beni Territory. At the same time, the company is certified as Broker for the national office of coffee (ONC). 2nd Stage: The company implements a modern coffee factory with machineries branded Paul KAACK in order to hence the added value of its coffee and reduce its operating cost. 3rd Stage: The company acting as an official broker for the national office of coffee (ONC) and in its own endeavour buys, processes, and exports a substantial tonnage of coffee; it was awarded the national bronze and silver medals. Currently: The Board of Directors opted for the set-aside of the coffee Estates to eradicate the Robusta disease to devote the fields available exclusively for Arabica coffee cultivation. CO.B.KI is a state of the art soft drink factory bottling carbonated drinks. The company of drinks of Kivu, CO.B.KI in its acronym is a very modern production facility of soft drinks equipped with a significant output. COBKI has The Coca-Cola Company’s right of exclusivity within 50KM, area for the commercial cities in the territory of Lubero (2.5 million people).

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