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Delegate Profile

W :
Industry / Sector
Agriculture & Allied Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Mining, Trade
Personal Profile
Seasoned administator having started his career as a foreman,stores clerk and wages clerk in the ministry of Lands and resettlement,later moving on to the ministry of local government from 1987 to 1996.due to his passion for enriching lives ,giving back to the community and creating employment and furthering his entrepreneurial skills he started his own business venturee Lima Mike constuction where he gaained experience in construction industry before forming another successful venture LESDEP zimbabwe limited which is a diversified company with vast interests in mining,pharmaceuticals,commodity broking,land deveelopment,education and agriculture.Apart from the above Mr Moyo is the founding executive member of Zimbabwe Chamber of Small and medium Enterprises,also the founder of Harare Chamber of small and medium scale Enterprises.Mr Moyo repreesents the two organisations as their trade and expo chairman from 2000 to date.Mr Moyo was born in 1967,is married and a devoyt christian who is currently studying for a degree in theology.
Company Profile
Lesdep is a diversified Company with vast interests in mining,pharmaceuticals,agriculture ,stone sculptors ,leather products and agriculture.It was formed in 2017 and affiliates to Harare Chamber of small and medium enterprises.It operates to serve SME'S into various sectors for the export of their products ,lobbying for value addition machinery.We export agricultural products like groundnuts,roundnuts,sculptors,leather products.We are also into mining and SME's entreprenuership training.

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