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Delegate Profile

Ms Mercy Kudzidya
Meka Trading
Industry / Sector
Personal Profile
My name is Mercy kudzidya. I am a young lady aged 33 years.I was born in Gweru Zimbabwe. I am also a mother of 3 kids . However I am the director of Meka Trading which was formed on the 25 march 2019. Meka trading is operating in Gweru. But as time goes on ,the company will expect to open more branches, and also to export the products. Some years back I studded banking and finance though my vision was to be a director of my company. However I also managed to train how to make detergents like , household, industrial and farming detergents. Visions and goals To be a well known business woman To support the economic situation of our country Objectives To partner with those who are on need like orphans, widows,... Steward in my community Strength Curiosity of new business ideas. Business background Hobbies Interacting with motivated teams or groups To learn new ideas
Company Profile
Meka Trading ( pvt) ltd +263778158111/ +263715224104 mekatrading36@gmail 11 tanglewood ,ivene, Gweru ,Zimbabwe Company details Company Registration. 25/ 03 2019 Business partner number. 0200239249 Tax Clarence available Bank account. Steward Bank Motto clean ,wash and shine with Meka Products. Sales Representative. Julius kamanga. +263712521179 Business description Meka is a manufacturing company ,which produces households detergents, farming detergents, industrial detergents and cosmetics. Products of meka Trading Floor polish Dishwasher Washing powder Scouring powder Pine gel Window cleaner Sanitizer Thick bleach Petroleum jelly Hair shampoo Degreaser Car wash Bath soap Green bars Etc..... Ownership and Management Meka Trading is owned by kamanga families. The company is managed by Mercy. Visions To be established worldwide Produce and selling quality products Missions To created employment Provide quality services and products to the community and our customers Developing new products Objectives To grow our returns To be well known in the market Offers promotions

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