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Dr. Satyender Kumar, M. Pharm., Ph.D. from “National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research” NIPER-Ahmedabad, and currently holding a position of COO in the Preserve Creativity Pvt. Ltd., a certified Outcome Based Education professional from NPTEL with a diploma in post graduate diploma Pharmaceutical regulatory affairs (PGDPRA). He is GATE, qualified researcher and an author of many patents and peer-reviewed research papers. He is also a scientific advisor of the various UGC approved universities in India.
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The Preserve Creativity works on the basis of the target base education, we believe everyone has its own talent; no one can copy so we provide a pathway or opportunity to explore the choice of work and target of work. Our vision and Mission Our Vision is to synchronize the existing education through the target based education to get the maximum outcome of the youth to empower our nation and our Mission to indulge the youth in the nation-building activities through the target based education & research. Preserve Creativity Pvt. Ltd. is an India based Private Limited Company which has recruited the best experienced employee and is run by three experienced directors who have established themselves in the India education market working with many top universities and industries. All of our staff have come from either working independently as agents or worked for other agencies in the India or elsewhere in the world and now work under the umbrella of Preserve Creativity Pvt. Ltd. only. Primary area of concern Pharmaceutical Education In this world of specialization and globalization the pharmacy education in India is suffering from serious backdrops and flaws. There is an urgent need to initiate an academic exercise aimed at attaining revamping of curriculum, keeping in pace with current and emerging trends in the field of pharmacy. Almost all universities in India are no more up to the world standards and students are still getting the 20-30 yrs older compounding practical exposure in labs during the graduation level. Application of Target Base Education (TBE) to the educational system improves the present situation. The counseling system which serves to be the gateway of the students for entry into the profession should be brought under the scanner. An educational institution should provide the student with a stress-free atmosphere for learning and developing his intellectual capabilities. Every college should have a counseling centre to address the problems of students in their academic and personal life. An emphasis on the concept of quality teacher is included. Revival of the pharmacy education in India is the need of the hour which in turn will pave the way for the up gradation of the pharmacy profession in the country. Innovation has become the watchword in every aspect of life all over the world. The ability of a nation to use and create knowledge capital determines its capacity to empower and enable its citizens by increasing human capabilities. Preserve Creativity Pvt. Ltd. provides the students an atmosphere to nourish his internal skills and qualities. • A system should be devised so that each and every student gets an opportunity to freely think and develop his skills to the maximum. • Professionalism can be cultivated only through rational ways of thinking and performing. • Students should come out with their ideas and suggestions in any aspect of education and especially be focused on innovative research. • Most of our students are lacking an initial pull, which should be given by the teachers or the college. Students