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Prof. (Dr) Suresh Kumar is a Head and Coordinator (2015-19), Department of African Studies, and Centre for African Studies, UGC Area Study Program. He is the Chief Editor of Peer Reviewed & UGC index journal of Indian Journal of African Studies and (, and traveled widely more than 40 countries in the world for research and teaching assignments. He is the Chief Collaborator of the Indian Council of Social Science Research-National Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (ICSSR-NIHSS) International Joint Research Project on Religion, Yoga and Education in India and South Africa (2016-2018). He deliberated his opinion on different aspects of Africa before the United Nations Organisation (UNO, 2012), World Policy Council (WPC, 2014), European Commission of African Studies (ECAS), Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA, 2015), IBSA, BRICS-IKS (2016), WPC, Doha (2016), FESA, Angola (2017) and International Moussem de Tan Tan, UNESCO (2018) and many others. About 143 articles have been published in different books, journals and newspapers. He has actively contributed his opinions on India and Africa in the different international media channels of BBC, Aljazeera (English), ABC (USA), Yomiuri Shinbun (Japan) and All India Radio. He has completed LLB successfully out of his sheer interests from University of Delhi, India in 2016. Prof. Kumar is known for his expertise during the Peace Agreements of South Sudan 2005, East Sudan Agreement 2007 and Peaceful Reconciliation of Sahara 2018. Currently, he is promoting the Agro-industry, education and Pan-Africa Network in Africa continent.
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The Department of African Studies is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Delhi. It was established in December 1954 at the personal initiative of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. He inaugurated it formally on August 6, 1955 with a mandate to promoting awareness about Africa. The Department undertakes inter-disciplinary teaching and research studies leading to M.Phil. and Ph.D. Degrees of the University of Delhi along with Certificate and Diploma in Swahili Language. The Department provides a forum for fostering mutual understanding, friendship and cooperation between peoples of India and Africa. Thus, the mandate of the Department extends beyond its primary function of acquisition and dissemination of knowledge to promotion of India-Africa relations.